April 2017 Transparency Report

April 2017 Transparency Report

Greetings humans! I have some data and info to share with you today!

Updates to reports

First and foremost, I have made good on my promise to increase the statistics portion of these posts. I've added a 3 month rolling average, YTD counts, total submissions, and a little more. This is only the start, and I plan to make these even better with time.

Note, 2017 reports are missing about 13 days worth of data from January. This is only for the "total submissions to subreddit" count. Everything else should be accurate. Sorry.


Our team is currently in the midst of some backroom changeups. There isn't much I can say publicly here, but most public facing projects are on hold

Sidebar and rules update

Our next big project which we will look to tackle will be a refresh for our sidebar, wiki, and rules. Content of rules is not up to change, but our sidebar and rules are not properly in sync with what we enforce and how we enforce it. Most things have just been tacked on to existing rules. We are planning on reworking everything into more simple on the outside (though detailed on the inside with examples) sets.

Wiki cleanup

The first step to this is sweeping off the floor of our "workstation" so we can be ready to go. To that end, I spent a few hours cleaning up the wiki and getting it ready.

The new pagelist and layout is such: http://ift.tt/2p2c7Ox

Essentially, all pages are under /r/pics/w/v2 – All old pages were untouched, just hidden. Direct links will still work if anyone had stuff bookmarked. That said, these pages will no longer be updated.


Now, the good stuff

April Data Difference Comment 3 Month Average YTD Other
Total Submissions to Subreddit 33708 Down 200 Completely normal variance 34,196 128,436
Total Moderation Actions 43317 Up 22 Under 50 difference from last month – 11,919 (27%) of these actions we automated 43668 184994
Submission Removals 13188 Up ~900 Normal variation 12620 54168 39.12% of all submissions posted were removed
Comment Removals 10220 Down ~400 Normal variation – Note, reddit distinguishes Spam removals and Ham removals, though these numbers are just added together for these reports 10057 41570
Posts Approved 4287 Down exactly 100 Normal variation – This number indicates posts we rescue from reddit spam filters or automod filtering 4524 19045
Comments Approved 3764 Down ~1400 Not 100% sure on what caused such a large variation this month 4699 20105
Bans 756 Down ~500 Again, not certain on what caused such a large dip. You guys must be on better behavior! – This number includes perma and temp bans 1025 4405
Unbans 100 ~ Does not include temp bans expiring 100 459
Reports Ignored 1101 Down ~100 Please keep reporting stuff! 1129 5905
Stickies Made 1608 Triple the previous month April fools modbot stickied over 850 comments. Otherwise, mostly automod sitckying relevant data on things like the march on Washington 873 2679
Posts Locked 8 Up 1 Slightly higher than our rolling average. 5 24
  • Reddit Administrators made 0 actions this month

  • /r/pics received one takedown request. The request was from the original poster of the thread asking for us to lock the thread. While ultimately the poster deleted the submission (before we even locked it), we complied with the request and locked the thread.



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