May 2017 Transparency Report

May 2017 Transparency Report

Hello humans or aliens, thanks for reading!

Admittedly it's been a very slow month for us at /r/pics – We have a number of things we would like to tackle but are waiting and trying to resolve issues that are currently outside our hands. Before we get started on a few awesome projects, we want to close up some important loose ends. Part of this involves working with admin who are known for operating slower than any meaningful metaphor/similes I could make.

With that in mind, here are the stats for May 2017

May Data Difference Comment 3 Month Average YTD Other
Total Submissions to Subreddit 35280 Up ~1500 Within pretty normal varience, a bit higher than average 34,316 163,716
Total Moderation Actions 42277 Down ~1000 Overall, moderation actions declined – This doesn't necessarily mean that we had less content to moderate or made any concrete changes as moderation actions are entirely dependant on the kind of content users submit 42978 227271
Submission Removals 10710 Down ~2500 Notably under average, even with submissions higher 12053 64878 30.36% of all submissions posted were removed
Comment Removals 13434 Up ~3000 Higher than average by a serious amount. We had a number of threads that were more controversial than the typical threads we get 11418 55004
Posts Approved 3385 Down ~900 While this number can fluctuate without us making any noted changes, this tends to related to how fine tuned our automod rules are 4020 22430
Comments Approved 4796 Up ~1000 4563 24901
Bans 1108 Up ~400 Closer to average than last month which was quite the outlier. That said, we often use these controversial posts as "honeypots" to help remove repeat offenders who just can’t helpthemselves 1029 5513
Unbans 123 ~ Does not include temp bans exipiring 105 582
Reports Ignored 1366 Up ~250 Please keep reporting stuff! 1193 7271
Stickies Made 691 953 3370
Posts Locked 8 = This number seems to be rapidly developing as the mode of this dataset 8 32
  • Reddit admins made 0 actions in /r/pics

  • We got no takedown requests

Thanks, sorry I don't have more to share 😦

P.S. Thanks to my co-moderators for all getting me an amazing birthday card. You guys rock.


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