Today r/Pics is launching “Pics Packages” in honor of Net Neutrality.

Today r/Pics is launching “Pics Packages” in honor of Net Neutrality.

Here at /r/pics we support a free and open subreddit. We also know that many of our users don't use all of the features of our subreddit, and in order to make your /r/pics experience more affordable we've created Pics Packages. We've got packages like MAWP, FAPP, and even CCCP – for the user who wants everything!

Click here to see what packages you are eligible for!

In all seriousness, the FCC is about to slash net neutrality protections that prevent Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Verizon from charging us extra fees to access the online content we want — or throttling, blocking, and censoring websites and apps.

This affects every redditor and every Internet user. And we still have a few days left to stop it. Click here to contact lawmakers and the FCC and tell them not to destroy net neutrality!

You're probably asking yourself "but _BindersFullOfWomen_ the media has been saying a lot of things about Net Neutrality. What does it really mean for me?"

Well random reddit user, I am glad you asked! Here's a handy, easy to understand gif that covers the basics of Net Neutrality..

Don't like clip art graphics? No problem – Here's Tyler Durden explaining it!

"But _BindersFullOfWomen_, I'm not 'Murican, so why should I care about what happens to you all?"

I completely understand why you'd ask that, up until now America's shenanigans have only effected those who live there. That's not the case with Net Neutrality. The internet has connected the entire world, so what happens in America can – and will – effect what happens in your country. Think of America as the first domino, if our net neutrality falls – yours will too. Here are a bunch of articles if you want to learn more:


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