/r/pics June 2017 Transparency Report

/r/pics June 2017 Transparency Report

Hi everyone.

I wanted to talk about what we have been up to. Specifically, what we haven't been up to. All of us have been pretty busy and the numbers really do reflect this. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, we are humans. I recently moved and have no phone. Some of our other mods are out having fun, living life. Some are working, some are just lazy fucks but we love them nonetheless.

As volunteers, even a bit of time counts. But when a lot of us get busy at the same time, it can cause lower activity. This isn't a really something we did wrong – Just the nature of how volunteer moderating works. I tell my whole team that life needs to come first.

These things said, we are indeed looking for new moderators and new volunteers. You can find that information and apply at this post



June Data Difference Comment 3 Month Average YTD Other
Total Submissions to Subreddit 33816 Down ~2000 34,268 197,532
Total Moderation Actions 23463 Down ~18,000 We slacked this month. There is no notable difference here that I can note outside of us just being more inactive. We are all volunteers and can be busy. See the above. 36352 250734
Submission Removals 4800 Down ~6000 See first 9566 69678 14.19% of all submissions posted were removed
Comment Removals 4193 Down ~9000 See first 9282 59197
Posts Approved 3125 Down ~200 See first 3599 25555
Comments Approved 3456 Down ~1200 See first 4005 28357
Bans 1039 Down ~70 Includes Perma and Temp bans 968 6552
Unbans 96 Down ~20 Does not include temp bans exipiring 106 678
Reports Ignored 1003 Down ~300 Please keep reporting stuff! 1157 8274
Stickies Made 112 804 3482
Posts Locked 7 Down 1 8 39


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