/r/pics July 2017 Transparency Report

/r/pics July 2017 Transparency Report

Hi everyone! July was a bit of a return to form for us. Our activity again reached normal levels and we did some things on our end to better the subreddit!

We staged a coup

Well, sorta. Thanks to some help from reddit admins (though not as much as we wished) and a higher moderator, we were able to finally enforce our standard internal rules on moderators who were very high on our modlist. Many moderators who were very inactive or in violation of our own policies were removed.

That all being said, we are very thankful for the service of all these moderators over the years. They are all welcome back on the team at any time.

We added new moderators

In addition to this, we added six new /r/pics moderators to assist us with day to day tasks! Please welcome:









July Data Difference Comment 3 Month Average YTD Other
Total Submissions to Subreddit 36036 Up 1500 35,044 233,568
Total Moderation Actions 35015 Up 12000 Back up to our regular numbers! June was slow for us, but this is about the average we are used to 33585 285749
Submission Removals 11017 Up 7000 8842 80695 30.57% of all submissions posted were removed
Comment Removals 9393 Up 5200 9007 68590
Posts Approved 3076 Down 100 3302 28950
Comments Approved 3395 Down 50 3882 31752
Bans 1460 Up 400 Includes Perma and Temp bans 1202 8012
Unbans 68 Down 30 Does not include temp bans exipiring 96 746
Reports Ignored 990 Down 10 Please keep reporting stuff! 1120 9264
Stickies Made 376 Up 200 Mostly all Automod 393 3858
Posts Locked 5 Down 2 7 44


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